Orca Film

I have been testing new products and will soon have a bunch of new information to share. As for today I would like to talk to you all about is a product called ORCA Film. It is a reflective wall covering that is so far superior to all of it’s predecessors that it is light years ahead! (No pun intended) As the adage says a picture is worth a thousand words…

The picture above is of 2 identical boxes side by side, each illuminated by a single 150 watt HPS bulb. When the light output is measured inside each box the Mylar box (on right) measured 1210 Foot-candles, the ORCA Film box (at left) measured 1900 Foot-candles!!! That is 57% more Foot-candles from simply changing the reflective wall covering!!!! It comes in 25’, 50’, and 100’ rolls (54″ wide) & also has a sealing tape to join sections or cover staple holes. We pay so much for light for our plants it only makes sense to spend a few more dollars (it is a one time purchase as ORCA Film is 11 mills thick and totally washable) to get 57% more light!!! As an added benefit with ORCA Film more light is reflected and therefore it is not turned into heat. The above experiment resulted in a 3ºF temperature decrease in the Orca box (80ºF) compared to (83ºF) in the Mylar box.

Now because it reflects light across the full photosynthetic spectrum all photosynthetic pigments (such as chlorophyll) will be able to produce more energy and as such, your plants will grow that much faster.

– Doctor Dave

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