How to Yield 30 Lbs. from One 600 Watt HPS Grow Light!!!

Hydroponic Black Krim Tomatoes

Hydroponic Black Krim Tomatoes grown with Canna Nutrients

Just to give you all a taste of what is possible, try growing 30 lbs. in 16 weeks from seed under only one 600 watt HPS light. This is not just theoretically possible but actually accomplished by Atlantis Hydroponics.

 The Set-Up:

From January 1st 2011 when the seeds were planted until the last of the fruit was ripe and picked Atlantis Hydroponics’ own, Scott from Chattanooga TN grew the Black Krim strain of tomatoes with ease using the Canna Aqua series of nutrients.
They tasted even better then they look!

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