Sharing the Harvest

Last September (2011) we crammed 36 basil plants into a little 4ft x 4ft table.  In the beginning we started with four varieties Genovese, Purple, Lime and Globe.  Due to space restriction we chose one strain we thought would work the best in our grow tent.  This left us with Globe Basil in 1 gallon fabric aeration pots.  This particular type of basil grows very short and with proper pruning will grow very bushy and productive.  When the plants were less than a foot tall we were harvesting more basil than we could eat or give to our neighbors.  In November we began sharing our bounty with Crust, a local pizzeria.  Through February we were providing Crust with 1/4 to 1/2 pound of fresh, leafy, green basil each week.  We asked Greg Beairsto, owner of Crust, what he thought about Atlantis Hydroponics’ basil.

Atlantis: “How did our basil compare to what you normally use?”

Greg: “In the warm season we grow the majority of our herbs outside around the store, and in the winter we get what is available from local distributors.  Comparing your basil to what we grow ourselves it’s apples to apples, but between you guys and what we’re getting from California there is no comparison.”

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