1,000-Year-Old Farming Secrets Could Save The Amazon Rainforest

Atlantis Hydroponics, amazon rain forest, ancient gardening secrets

Can a change in your gardening practices save the Amazon?
Amazon Rainforest image by CIFOR

Atlantis Hydroponics recommends this article about raised bed farming in the Amazon thousands of years ago. It illustrates how effective raised bed gardening can be; not just in the Amazon, but in your home garden as well.

“These indigenous farmers used something known as raised-field farming, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. They built small mounds all along the savannas that form the periphery of the rainforest, and then they farmed on these artificial mounds. While the elevated fields were almost certainly a pain in the ass to make, the benefits were huge — they naturally drained and aerated the soil while still retaining moisture. In a region known in equal measure for floods and droughts, that’s a pretty nifty bit of agricultural engineering.”

Click here to read more of this article.

Would you like to help save the Amazon with your own raised bed garden? Take a look at our large selection of Atlantis Hydroponics raised bed garden containers.


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