New Ballast from PurGro is a High Tech Marvel!

The new 1K4 Flip Ballast, 1000 Watt MH/HPS Ballast With Built-In Lighting Controller from the geniuses or should I say genius (our buddy Greg) at PurGro is sleek and stylish delivering performance and features beyond its competition. The 1K4 boasts an impressive list of features:

  • 4 individually dimmable ballasts
  • Built in flip box option
  • Wires directly to a 30 amp 240v breaker without a lighting controller
  • Lights MH or HPS Lamps
  • All digital
  • Only digital ballast to be repairable

Those are all great features, but we have come to expect more from PurGro after the GroBot so here is an additional feature that will blow your hair back:

  • Stealth Startup – This feature lights up each channel (lamp) on a random 1 seconds to 90 seconds after the last channel to keep the power company’s new digital meters from identifying the load as a room full of grow lights.
  •  The ballast has a revolutionary new design that allows better heat dissipation from the internal circuitry to the heat sinks on the case allowing this beast of a ballast to run cooler than any other ballast that had been tested…Way to go Greg!!
  • Technical Specs (for the real Grow Geeks out there.)
    At 92% efficiency and a crest factor of < 1.7, this is one sweet ballast. Strike voltage is well over 3000 volts to light the longest cables and the oldest lamps. Total Harmonic Distortion is less than 10% for low RF noise and minimal acoustic signature, and Power Factor is actively corrected to greater than 0.99 for maximum efficiency in power conversion. This is as good as a ballast gets!

2 thoughts on “New Ballast from PurGro is a High Tech Marvel!

  1. Hey there, I work at a hydro shop in SF, and I am totally interested in the 1K4. This is the first place I have run into it, wicked! I would love to carry this thing in our store, as we have so many customers who have issues with heat from ballasts. A single unit that can power four lights and still remain cool, while filling the space of two normal digital ballasts is revolutionary to say the least. We get a lot of people’s capacitors replaced, but we can also order the capacitors for the custo’s, and I know that they would much rather fix it themselves. Also, how do you like the fans? We have had horrible success with fan cooled ballasts, and often have to send them to the shop. It must take 2 240 outlets? I was just at the Max Yield expo in San Francisco, and I didn’t see anything like this, it is sure to be a hit in the bay area.

    On a side note, I too am an orchid enthusiast, and I have a Dentrobium unicum, but mine never seems to flower as profusely as when I first purchased it. I use dynagro and hit them up with humtea periodically. Have any suggestions?


    • Hi Rosh,

      Thanks for your comment. The ballast is really quite a piece of equipment. As far as your Den. unicum is concerened I would possibly give it more light and also maybe a bit of a dry winter rest. This can often start the bud formation. I hope that helps. Good luck and happy growing!

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