Orchid of the Week: Potinara Clouds Creek ‘Heavenly Scent’

Potinara Clouds Creek ‘Heavenly Scent’

This orchid was a bit slow to flower but since it reached flowering size a few years ago the flowers get bigger and have more substance with each blooming. The flower this blooming is over 5″ across. As the name implies it has a wonderful aroma which is a mixture of citrus, iris, and lavender. It genuinely is a fantastic aroma that fills the greenhouse when it is in bloom.

Required Light:  In the greenhouse I use 50% shade cloth and have it in a spot where it gets mostly morning and afternoon sun but not Midday. Under artificial lights like T5 fluorescents I recommend it be 8” underneath at least two 4 foot T5 bulbs.

Temperature: This orchid prefers night time temperatures to be between 55° F – 65° F.  Daytime temperatures can easily reach the 90’s without any problem.

Humidity: Best kept at around or over 60% RH.

Required Watering: depending on environmental factors, once or twice a week under normal conditions. More waterings are generally necessary when it is hotter in the growing environment.

Fertilizer: should be applied at ½ to1/4 strength weekly. I prefer to use the Grow More brand of fertilizers.

Potting: Should be done annually as you see new roots starting to emerge from the newest pseudoblulb(s.) I use a mixture of 4 parts coconut husk chips, 2 parts #4 Perlite, and 1 part Viastone.

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