Are All Bulbs The Same?

Hydroponic Eggplants

After my one millionth discussion about light and constantly explaining why some bulbs cost so much more than others, it seemed like a good idea to conduct a side-by-side garden comparison to demonstrate the difference between plants grown under standard HPS grow lightsand Full Spectrum Metal Halide lights. For our experiment, we grew ‘Pingtong Long’ Eggplants under 150 Watt HPS bulbs and 250 Watt MH bulbs. Sounds to me like everyone is convinced that HPS is the only way to get the big harvest, but I suggest taking a look at the following pictures to decide what looks better to you.

Below you can see the difference between fruits grown under varying color spectrums.

The HPS light produced 5.4 GPW (grams per watt) for a total harvest of 1.8 Lbs of eggplant.
Hydroponic Eggplants

The Full Spectrum MH Light grew a whopping 6.4 GPW for a total yield of 3.6 Lbs of fruit!

Hydroponic Eggplants

The color of light is just as important to consider in the development of your plants as plant nutrientsand air circulation. So the next time you visit your local grow light store and ask for the “cheapest” bulb on the shelf, remember these photos and think about the harvest you want from your garden. Happy Growing!

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