Key to Success- Keeping a Clean Hydroponic System

Clean Hydroponic System

Want to grow happy, healthy plants every time? Well here’s a tip that could help you keep your garden on a nonstop path to success. The hydroponic system your plants live in will run more smoothly and efficiently with a little attention to detail. Plants are living organisms, and they attract many other forms of life to your garden. The photo above shows what your plant nutrients will grow in addition to your plants. Algae is generally harmless, but allow it to grow out of control and you might end up with a big mess on your hands.  Not only does it produce a terrible grow room odor, algae can harbor pathogens and even consume valuable nutrients before your garden plants (what a waste of fertilizer)!

It takes only a few minutes and some elbow grease to make your hydroponic system look as good as the day you bought it. Routine cleaning will ensure that no mess is too much to handle! And did you know that your equipment will last longer if you scrub it from time to time?

My favorite things in life do not include scrubbing hydroponic flood tables, but routine cleaning beats having to buy new equipment. This holds true for all types of hydro systems as well as water pumps. Deep Water Culture buckets, for example, will perform better and your plants will be healthier if you scrub them lightly with warm water between each nutrient change, rather than simply pouring out and replacing water. Cleaning can also help you avoid pH spikes and root rot.

Clean Hydroponic System

Keeping your indoor garden tidy is just like going outside to a raised bed garden and pulling weeds, it has to be done.  If we don’t weed our gardens or clean our tables then the stuff we don’t want to grow will take over and cause all of our valuable time, energy, and garden plants to go to waste.  And who wants to watch their garden die?

Well maintained gardens will thrive and in return reward their gardeners for a job well done. Clean equipment not only looks good, it helps to keep disease pathogens and pests in check. So if you’re really in it to win it, remember that cleaning is a small price to pay for the happiness of your garden, and happy gardens make happy growers!

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