Holiday Gift Guide 2012

Do the holidays stress you out? Making the perfect plans, crafting the perfect decorations, buying the perfect gifts…it can all be a bit overwhelming at times. Well, take a deep breath, get out your shopping list and pen, and prepare to be relieved.

We have done some of the work for you this year!

You might not realize it, but we really do have something for everyone here at Atlantis Hydroponics. To illustrate that, we have come up with a few gift ideas for some of the special people in your life. Read on, and relax…

Your Partying Neighbor

He’s a good guy, really. When he’s awake…

Your Partying Neighbor

He only seems to sleep during the day. He likes his AC/DC loud. He’s definitely a little wild, but he brings in your mail and feeds your cat when you’re out of town. He’d love some Atlantis Hydroponics swag, like a Koozie to keep his beer cold, or a Tee to add to his epic black shirt collection. Can’t decide? Just get him a Gift Card so he can figure it out for himself. It’s even good online, so he can shop at any hour he likes.


Your Hippie Sister

She’s a rare breed of clean hippie.

Your Hippie Sister

She lives for yoga. She gives you death glares when you forget to recycle. She’s talking about making her own soap. Get her something that will satisfy her inner Earth Child, like an Herbal Oil Extraction Kit or ECO Kitchen Compost Collector Bin. And since she’s so into sustainability, she’ll love a book on DIY Aquaponic Gardening.

Keep the tomatoes coming, Mom.

Keep the tomatoes coming, Mom.




Your Retired Mother

She has always loved to garden. Every time you visit, she sends you home with bags of homegrown produce. She is WAY into the good food movement. Get her a Complete Propagation Kit, some Heirloom Sow True seeds, and our Precision Pruning Shears, and she’ll be happily growing indoors through the winter or ready to get a jump start on her spring garden. Is she tired of digging up her yard or running out of room? A variety of Raised Bed Planters will make her gardening life much easier.

Grow me some flowers, boy!

Grow me some flowers, boy!


Your Unemployed Boyfriend

He eats all your chips. He spends most of his time playing Call of Duty 4 with his loser friends. But he makes you laugh, and he’s pretty cute, too. Maybe a new hobby will spark some ambition in him! Give him a Complete Grow Room or one of our Grow Light Systems, and he might just be paying for dinner in no time. A Collapsible Herb Drying Rack would be a great accessory for his Grow Room, too.

He thinks he's Bob Vila.

He thinks he’s Bob Vila.



Your DIYer Dad

He’s dependable, determined, and handy as all get out. (At least he thinks so.) He built his own deck and retiled his own bathroom. He loves beer. Maybe he’d like to try his hand at brewing his own? A Beer Brewing Starter Kit and Extreme Brewing Handbook are the tools he needs. If he’s frugal and loves his yard, a Rain Barrel Kit could be an exciting new project for him that will keep his lawn green and his wallet fat.

He's in college already...

He’s in college already?!



Your Exceptionally Bright Nephew

He’s only 12, but he’s already smarter than most people you know. You’re super proud (and only a little jealous), and you want to encourage his quest for knowledge. His curious little mind will love the hands-on nature of the Jr.Ponics Aquaponic Fish Garden and the Hydroponic Science Fair Kit, and the Hydroponics and Microfarms CD-ROM will answer all the hydroponic questions he has that you don’t know the answers to.

She knits flowers. Now she can grow them, too.

She knits flowers. Now she can grow them, too.

Your Etsy Girlfriend

She knits, she sews, she makes jewelry. She makes you walk to the neighborhood farmers’ market with her every week. You had never tried kale until you met her. Get her started on her urban farming dream with the Build Your Own Raised Garden Kit and Rodale’s Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening. If she lives in a small space, the Emily’s Garden System is a perfect way to try out hydroponics without taking up a lot of room.

Bring the gift that gets stolen three times during Dirty Santa.

Bring the gift that everyone wants to take home.



Your Office Gift Exchange

It comes around every year. Whether your office draws names for Secret Santa or makes a game out of it with Dirty Santa, you struggle to find something that everyone will like. Maybe keep it seasonal with a Thirsty Light® Snowflake Christmas Tree Water Sensor. A Grobal Self-Watering Planter would make a great addition to any co-worker’s office, and the Tomato Planter Kit and Raised Bed Garden is an easy way to get anyone started on their way to a green thumb. Even your boss will like it.

See? Something for everyone! Hopefully you’ve gotten some ideas and checked a few people off your list. Shop online at or in one of our five hydroponic retail stores.

Happy Holidays!

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