Which Hydroponic Fertilizer is Best? Experiments with a Purpose!

plant science experiments favorite hydroponic experiment

Choose your favorite hydroponic experiment. Photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Have you ever wondered to yourself which hydroponic fertilizer works best? Do I really need to use all 14 products from “that” nutrient company? Will adding this product make my plants grow like Jack’s beanstalk? Well now is your chance to find out. I am always running experiments here at Atlantis Hydroponics. I trial new fertilizers, test the latest “must have” additives, and perform simple side by side experiments to determine what works, and what does not. Now is your chance to choose the next experiment I conduct. You choose what you want tested, & I will blog the experiment and the results. So here it goes; the possible experiments are:

4 thoughts on “Which Hydroponic Fertilizer is Best? Experiments with a Purpose!

  1. which works best… this is a dubious question at best. Best at what? Increasing yield, increasing nutrients, increasing overall plant growth. What’s “best to one grower” may not be “best” to another. Too many farmers focus on one thing, profits. The fertilizer that makes the biggest profit sure sounds best, but not if it creates food that’s flavorless, devoid of nutrition and must be manipulated to look it’s best for sale.

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