Boveda Two-Way Humidity Control

Do you work hard to grow your own herbs only to have them become dry and brittle in storage? We tested Boveda’s two-way humidity control packs to find out if they could help prolong the storage life of herbs and spices. If you have encountered this issue, take a look a Boveda. Their packs keep humidity at an ideal level without the need of unnecessary chemicals.

Boveda is easy to use and only includes salt and water. Just place the pack into the container with your herbs and spices to keep the humidity at an ideal level. Boveda packs monitor the humidity levels and add or remove moisture as needed. This environment and moisture level allows you to have more control over your stored items and helps you maximize the life and aroma of your hard work.

That is not all – Boveda two-way humidity packs can also be used for many products you may want to protect from humidity changes. This could include grains, nuts, dried fruits, tobacco, sugars, and more. You can even use Boveda when storing electronics or wooden instruments.

If you frequently store food and want a solution to prolong shelf life, Boveda two-way humidity packs can help. Have questions? Give us a call!

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