A New Year Means New Hydroponic Experiments!!!

2014 Fertilizer Experiment

Atlantis Hydroponics’ Potential Fertilizers for Testing in 2014

Although many of us are still reveling in the wonderful 2013 holiday season, I have already turned my attention to the upcoming year. I have been given the opportunity to test some great new hydroponic fertilizers designed to ensure that our 2014 crops are the biggest and best ever…and I would like to share this opportunity with all of you!

There is one dilemma: There are too many products from which to choose.  So I propose you, the readers, pick which products are tested in my experiment. The experiment will be conducted under a 600 watt HID light in a 4′ x 4′ side by side drip to waste hydroponic system. The potential fertilizers for testing are: Mills nutrients bio-mineral fertilizer line (a great Dutch organic/synthetic fertilizer), ROCK nutrients line of chemical fertilizers, Bio Tabs time release biological organic fertilizer line, Xtreme Nutrients line of fertilizers guaranteeing to produce a great grow, and last but not least the well known 3 part (grow, micro, & bloom) line of fertilizers from Humboldt Nutrients.

Vote for what you would like to see tested. Vote early. Vote often. Encourage others to vote. Vote for what you want and I will test, document and share ALL of the results.

Have a Happy New Year and thank you for your readership and participation.

The Kratky Hydroponic Method: A Simple & Effective Hydroponic Technique

When I first heard about this new method of growing from a friend, I thought he said it was called the “Cracky” method. After hearing his explanation of how it worked, I thought my friend was actually on CRACK! I was more than skeptical- I was incredulous. After some research my curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to try this “revolutionary” new method of hydroponic growing. The style of growing was developed by B.A. Kratky at the University of Hawaii. His method contradicts traditional hydroponic theory on multiple levels: no active movement of water, no aeration of the reservoir, no change-out of nutrient solution. It is best for growing leafy greens, such as the lettuce shown here, and it has not been proven suitable for growing fruiting or flowering crops. All I can tell you is that although contradictory to my years of education and training, I cannot argue with the results in front of me…

Kratky Hydroponic System 1 Week After Planting

Kratky Hydroponic System 1 Week After Planting

Kratky Hydroponic System 2 Weeks After Planting

Kratky Hydroponic System 2 Weeks After Planting

Kratky Hydroponic System 3 Weeks After Planting

Kratky Hydroponic System 3 Weeks After Planting

Kratky Hydroponic System 4 Weeks After Planting

Kratky Hydroponic System 4 Weeks After Planting

Kratky Hydroponic System 5 Weeks After Planting

Kratky Hydroponic System 5 Weeks After Planting Ready to EAT!

The basic idea behind the Kratky method, as it has been dubbed, is that the plants start with their roots submerged in a mixture of water and fertilizer as seedlings. The growing container should be well sealed to minimize moisture lost to evaporation. The roots will then grow longer into the water as the water/fertilizer mixture is absorbed by the plants. As the water level goes down, the plant will make aerial roots able to absorb the necessary oxygen from the airspace between the top of the water and the top of the container. By the time the water is gone, you should have harvested your lettuce and can start again. No pH adjusting, no adding more fertilizer, no topping off the water/fertilizer mixture. I admit I am shocked, but I swear it works. Grow some in a Kratky Method Hydroponic System and see for yourself.

Atlantis Hydroponics in Moving Pictures

Our friends over at greenbookpages.com made us this awesome video featuring all five of our retail locations! It also highlights our excellent selection of General Hydroponics products.

If you’re new to our blog, here’s a little background on our company:

Atlantis Hydroponics™ opened its first store in 1998, with the drive to help make hydroponics the future of horticulture. We pride ourselves in providing knowledge and the best available products to our customers. Carefully chosen and tested equipment and nutrients ensure our customers have maximum results with their plants. We deal in practical, environmentally conscious methods, mastering how to garden effectively.

Teaching earth-friendly practices also translates directly to the community. Atlantis has participated in a number of science days, youth-oriented programs, grade school education, and even art exhibits. Check out our Community Outreach pages to learn more about the exciting things going on at Atlantis!

Atlantis Mobile is Here: Shop from your Smartphone

Check out our new mobile-optimized Atlantis Hydroponics website! You can now shop conveniently from your Smartphone without all the zooming and dragging. We are one of the first in the industry to have one, so try it out and let us know what you think via Facebook or Twitter!

Shop Atlantis from the palm of your hand.

Shop Atlantis from the palm of your hand.

Which Hydroponic Fertilizer is Best? Experiments with a Purpose!

plant science experiments favorite hydroponic experiment

Choose your favorite hydroponic experiment. Photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Have you ever wondered to yourself which hydroponic fertilizer works best? Do I really need to use all 14 products from “that” nutrient company? Will adding this product make my plants grow like Jack’s beanstalk? Well now is your chance to find out. I am always running experiments here at Atlantis Hydroponics. I trial new fertilizers, test the latest “must have” additives, and perform simple side by side experiments to determine what works, and what does not. Now is your chance to choose the next experiment I conduct. You choose what you want tested, & I will blog the experiment and the results. So here it goes; the possible experiments are:

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Atlantis Hydroponics is Going to the Beach!

Atlantis Hydroponics Pensacola Florida Franchise Store Opening

We are excited to announce that Atlantis Hydroponics is getting ready to open the doors of its first franchise store in sunny Pensacola, Florida!

The store is owned and operated by long-time Atlanta Atlantis Hydroponics customer and hydro enthusiast, Joe Catalano. Joe has a psychology background from the Citadel in Charleston, SC and 15 years of experience in small business sales and management. He enjoys any activity happening in or on the Gulf of Mexico, great healthy food, and good music and is very excited about running a successful business that allows him to enjoy his passion of growing his own food.  Joe hopes to share his knowledge about hydroponics with others interested in learning more about healthier food options and those eager to participate in the process of healthy food production.  Joe resides in Florida with his dog, Oscar, and high school sweetheart, Karen.

The new store is projected to open on November 1st. Visit us at 8042 North Palafox St. Suite C Pensacola, FL 32534!

For more info about Atlantis Hydroponics store locations, visit our website!

Atlantis Visits 18th Annual Southern Brewers’ Festival

Chattanooga, Tennessee is often thought of as having spectacular views, endless outdoor activities, and a growing number of hip, progressive people. What is not so well known about the scenic city is its long lost love of fermentation. That’s right, BEER

This little town has managed to brew up an Annual Southern Brewers Festival proving time and again just how serious it is about finely crafted fermented beverages. This year’s local line up inlcuded The Terminal Brewhouse, McHale’s Brew Pub, Moccasin Bend Brewing Company, Big River Grill, Chattanooga Brewing Company, and special guests The Barley Mob.

There’s not much that compliments an ice cold locally crafted beer like super awesome music on an open-air stage in front of the River City skyline.

Walking around the festival grounds I saw the most convincing Brett Michaels look alike ever.  And who could forget this cool fellow dressed up like the Beer Drinker’s Mascot. He looks prepared with that hard hat…
Safety First!

After recently making the acquaintance of one particular Mobster, I had my heart set on finding the Barley Mob booth and trying their Honey Peach Ale. This curiously delicious concoction, as I’m told, is not your average Pale Ale, nor is it a Mead or Wine, and yet it seems to have the best qualities of all three. The drinkability of a craft ale, the sweetness of a honey mead and the potency of a fine wine.  I should have known when the description stated “ABV (Alcohol By Volume) uncalculated ” that I was dealing with a whole different breed of beverage. Thank you Mr. Beecher!

Some brewers took in excess of ten kegs to return home with less than two. I think it  goes without saying, the festival was a hit! Tasty brews, good music, and all the sunshine one could ask for.  I can’t wait for next year’s celebration of brewing. I can only imagine what sorts of new recipes our local crafts people cook up next. Until then, why not give beer brewing a try? Happy brewing!

Hydroponics to Play an Integral Role in the 2030 Mission to Mars!

Mars will be the Next Frontier of Hydroponics!

For all of you hydroponic farmers out there that dreamed of being an astronaut as a child your time may be coming. NASA is planning a manned mission to Mars slated for 2030.  Interestingly enough one of the first priorities in planning this mission to the famed RED Planet is to first figure out the food supply for the mission which is estimated to take 2.5 years. It will take 6 months to reach Mars, followed by 18 months on Mars, then a 6 month return mission back to earth. Our current food technology is falling short with regard to packaging, preparation, and variety. Senior research scientist Maya Cooper with Lockheed Martin who is leading efforts to build the menu says that the current astronaut ice cream we are all so familiar with has a 2 year shelf life and that new options must, and are being investigated. They have developed over 100 menu options (all vegetarian) and plan to utilize a mixture of the classic freeze dried astronaut foods as well  fresh fruits and vegetables. They are planning a greenhouse structure to be erected on Mars where hydroponically grown crops will allow the brave space travelers to dine on a steady but varied diet of fruits and vegetables.

According to many astronauts the monotony and lack of choice when it comes to meals available currently to space travelers has a drastic effect on morale. By having this “Martian greenhouse” NASA is hoping to give our astronauts some flexibility and choice. If they want a salad with certain vegetables…they can have it. It will also allow them to alter and augment the freeze dried foods giving them a bit more choice and variety. Hydroponics will once again be at the forefront of the space program!

For more of the interview with Maya Cooper on the Mission to Mars check out this NPR interview.

For a video of Maya Cooper talking about the diet on the Mission to Mars check out this YouTube video.

Two 14-Year-Olds Win $50,000 for Hydroponic Design to Feed Their Country

A plan to feed their Countrymen has earned two teens from Swaziland $50,000.  Sakhiwe Shongwe and Bonkhe Mahlalela, both 14, have won the Scientific American Science in Action Award for a project that utilizes discarded containers, sawdust and chicken manure combined into a low tech but functional hydroponic system aimed at lowering their country’s reliance on imported food and combating starvation.    Read more about how hydroponics can feed the world.